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About Us

Who We Are at Hock Company LLP

Hock Company LLP is a full service accounting and consulting firm which believes in proactive, hands-on approach to ensure our clients know the alternatives and make the best decisions. We are committed advisors who have teamed to serve existing clients for over 200 years (in aggregate)! We believe in uncluttered communications, timely response, street-smart professionalism and goal oriented-advocacy. We have offered our approach to individual clients as well as businesses of nearly every type and our clients place a high value on the way we do business.

Our Mission

As Certified Public Accountants, we assure you that a rigorous set of standards have been met. We have completed an extensive curriculum in accounting, business, finance and tax, passed a national three-day examination administered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, met minimum experience requirements before receiving our certification, and have all participated in a minimum continuing education of eighty hours every two years.

But that is just the beginning. Unlike so many other CPAs who have met these standards, we continue to work to exceed them. It's our desire to provide much more than the expected, so that at Hock Company you will be provided tax and accounting services a little differently.